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  The City of Culture

Of the 100 million people who live in the province of Sichuan, nine million live in Chengdu, the capital city of the province. This famous, historic city is believed by some to be the oldest established city in the world. Chengdu is more than 2,000 years old. Despite raging redevelopment, Chengdu has managed to preserve the atmosphere how one might imagine China to have once been sometime in the past.

Chengdu serves as the hub of communication and a tourist transit centre. Major tourist attractions include: Temple of Marquis Wu, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, Wang Jian Tomb, River-viewing Pavilion, River Funan -- a city mote, Baoguang Temple, Giant Panda Breeding Base, Dujiangyan Ancient Water Project, Mount Qingchengshan and Xiling Snow Mountain and so on.

Chengdu has been a famous cultural centre with age-old colourful traditions of both religious and civil significance for the past 2,500 years in Chinese history.

In the heart of Chengdu's commercial and entertainment district, the distinct 26-storey building is designed with a modern shopping complex attached to its 380 luxurious rooms and suites hotel block and 5-storey high Atrium Lobby overlooking the city most vibrant street, the Shudu Boulevard. The Yinhe Dynasty Hotel is the first joint venture hotel in Chengdu managed by Dynasty International Hotel Group based in Hong Kong.

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